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March 2020

Gardening Graces Newsletter

Hello To All

Many of you should have received a letter from me this month letting you know about the immediate future of Gardening Graces. While things are changing, they also maintain some sameness. I am still available and hope to maintain contact with as many of you as have the desire to do so. And I hope that you do! I am still about all things garden, beauty and YOU!

If you were a customer last season and have not received a blue letter from Gardening Graces, please contact me.

Chair Outside

This is one of my favorite 'porch pics'. I have included it because this month's newsletter features the geranium pictured in the pot nearest the wreath. There are no blooms yet on the one in the article below but now you know what it will have soon. This violet/pink shade and red are my favorite colors of geranium and I am in the process of 'making' more.

Also in this month's newsletter, comes the latest way to eat super fresh lettuce all winter. Just pick and eat

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The kind you don't even have to rinse.

I got one of these Aero Gardens for me and one for each of my kids. We are all enjoying our produce in various stages.

It has been fun and rewarding even for a seasoned gardener like I am. Because it is so irresistible, I find myself picking and eating it any time I feel like it. I guess you would call that healthy and low calorie and no prep.

It self regulates for light and I must maintain water and fertilizer as it requests. First picture is with lights out and a few hours later with the lights on.

Indoor Plant

Indoor Plant With Light

Next batch will be tomatoes and peppers. Or should I say next 'planting'?

Now More About That Geranium

This left-over plant from off the porch last summer was still blooming, green and healthy so I had to bring it in and keep it going. It is now January and it is really going to town so.........

Last Summer Plant

I will clip off a terminal branch around this point maybe 5" or so from the top and root it in some water.

Last Summer Plant 2

Then when it develops roots in a few weeks I will pot it up and grow it on for spring planting. Here is what it will look like. I got this one going a few months ago and now it's going to town. I don't always find this exact color I love so much that I showed you on my porch. By starting some now, I can look forward to having them ready to go.

Begonia Plant

On a side note: This begonia I bought last summer to add a little color atop a column around my pond got bitten down to mere stubble TWICE by the DD*. I kept it, of course, and am bringing it back up to snuff for another go this spring. Having had a sudden loss of deer this past fall, I figure its chances for escaping future haircuts have increased and make it very worth saving. I keep it watered and fertilize it occasionally. I will top dress with compost before I set it back out again this spring.

Begonia Plant 2

*Dang Deer

As always, it is so good to spend a little time 'with you' via the newsletter again. Many of you cross my mind as I write and I enjoy the time thinking of you all.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns or if you did not get the mail I sent via the USPO. I don't know about you, but some of my mail has been arriving a month late. Exasperating as it is, I am glad so many billions of pieces do make it to their destination.

Last Year's Winter

A pretty winter scene at my house a few years back. Click the Quick Link in that section for more.

Fondly always,


My Best to you all! See you next month.

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