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March 2017

Gardening Graces Newsletter


Did any of you suffer days of power outages? A brutally ferocious wind storm blew across Michigan last week and thousands and thousands lost power. Some of my neighbors to my north still do not have it restored! And then how about the almost spring time snow blanket we got yesterday? Looks like we got what I lamented in last month's newsletter about late snow storms. Gulp.

So rather than snowy pictures I include one of coming attractions: Bleeding Heart and Japanese Iris, two sure signs of spring.

Many more of you have now signed up for the Early Bird Contest. Great hearing from you all! Contest ends soon. See further details below.
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Pink and Yellow Flowers
This is for all of you who will soon be needing services of Gardening Graces, have not signed up for the contest yet and may want to beat the March 20 deadline.
Here's how it works.
You will be automatically entered in the contest when you schedule your spring clean-up by the first day of spring, March 20th, 2017. All early bird entries will be recorded and one will be randomly drawn on March 21st. The winner receives a $150 credit on their spring clean-up and will be notified promptly and then identified by first name and city in the March 2017 online edition of the
Gardening Graces

Pink and Purple Flowers

Don't miss your chance to be the winner! Be an early bird and enter now for your chance to win and to secure your spot in our spring schedule.
See the convenient link in the sidebar, call or sign up here. ($150 credit for spring clean-up only.)
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What's Up?
What To Do, What I Did
And What's Up
with that Website Re-do?

Remember that if you want to grow your own vegetables, fruits and flowers, now is the time to begin browsing through the seed catalogs and online plant offerings. Maybe you just want to add new shrubs or trees this year. There is plenty of inspiration in these sources to get us all chomping at the bit for everything spring.

Yes, I have been assured the website is finally being worked on. I have had many conversations with the folks at Web.Com and it may even be close to being done tomorrow. Gardening Graces website is being updated. As many of you know, updating technology is a necessity so measures are underway to make the site more friendly to mobile searches while giving the site a fresher look. I know how when systems get updated all heck can break loose but I remain hopeful that will not be the case here.

Growing lettuce in the basement may not be conventional but for an avid plant person like myself, it is a little rewarding when you can actually eat what you've grown. I started the seeds several weeks ago and once they germinated I kept the emerging seedlings under lights. The greens await some company maybe in the form of peppers, tomatoes or avocado and some olive oil with balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. Just like spring in the garden!

Vegetables From the Garden

Great Garden Tip
And You Can Try It Now
I have always been the one who tries to keep pointsettias and use them again in a potted plant for summer. One of our clients did this also and actually planted it in the ground. It was a beautiful addition to the flower bed and unlike any other plant around. I loved it. So I pruned back two of my pointsettias and am now watching them regrow. You can see in the pic below, all the new leaves emerging from the axils on the stems. I do not plan on subjecting them to the rigorous light schedule in order to cause them to change color, rather they are delightful enough when they are green and fully leafed out. They are semi tropical and will not survive Michigan winters so they must be brought in if you want to keep them going.
The picture above shows what a typical post Christmas pointsettia looks like now and the one below, what the other two look like on their way to futur summer beauty. Looking forward to it.
Poinsettias Ready to Bloom

Thanks again for reading the Gardening Graces Newsletter today. And in spite of wind and snow, what you see above will come again.
Don't forget to enter the Early Bird Contest, maybe plant a little lettuce and look forward with me to true spring.
My best always!
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